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Cockatiel in The Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary Small Bird Aviary

This adorable cockatiel came running when Skye started making 'kissy' noises.

blue bird yellow budgerigar rescued
The handsome male that we caught and brought to an aviary to be rehomed. We found it perched on our front door frame for more than a day, and was showing signs of tiring out.
Photo by Salameander on Flickr
blue rescue bird beauty pigeon victoria aviary endangered genetic crowned
Victoria Crown — relative of the Dodo, and oh so friendly
We came across this gregarious bird while mountain biking over the past few weeks, and finally connected with the owner today. She has the second largest flock in the world, breeding them down the street in...
Photo by jurvetson on Flickr
rescue birds babies pigeon dove wildlife rehabilitation rehabbing
Now and Then
July 4th and June 4th. These two cuties went into the aviary today. They seem quite happy out there. They still have their bed out there because they still sleep side by side. The pigeon has gotten a lot bigger than...
Photo by audreyjm529 on Flickr