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Brooklyn Parrot Working on Nest
What are Wild Parrots Doing in Brooklyn? "There is much mystery surrounding the appearance of these remarkable birds in Brooklyn, but it can safely be said that they did not fly up here from Argentina on their...
Photo by Tony Fischer Photography on Flickr
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Yuen Po St. Bird garden, Kowloon
Cages and other bird related paraphernalia for sale in the Bird Market. I ended up feeling sad and depressed at the sheer number of items pertaining to caging of birds. Indeed, the phrase 'free as a bird' does have...
Photo by shankar s. on Flickr
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The Enchanted Garden
Ocho Rios Jamaica circa 1995. Located in a natural river gorge with 14 waterfalls, this resort also featured an awe-inspiring aviary filled with exotic birds and a seawater aquarium rotunda. The all-inclusive...
Photo by Hilmil1 on Flickr