Bird Aviary Roof

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Mini Aviary on roof top

My mini aviary on roof top, puts more plants to lessen the heat on roof top in summer time.

bird birds pittsburgh eagle baldeagle bald national american aviary haliaeetusleucocephalus birdofprey nationalaviary pittsburghnationalaviary
Bald Eagles, lounging around
Like the Toledo Zoo, the Pittsburgh National Aviary has a pair of Bald Eagles that can't fly anymore. These didn't even have a roof on their enclosure.
Photo by Benimoto on Flickr
park black birds river national gorge mauritius columbidae taxonomy:binomial=nesoenasmayeri
Pink Pidgeon. Nesoenas mayeri
Captive breeding program in open roofed aviaries in Black River Gorge National Park has helped pull back this rarest of endemics from the brink of extinction
Photo by gailhampshire on Flickr
sf sanfrancisco bird birds zoo ibis aviary sfzoo sanfranciscozoo waldrapp ibises geronticus geronticuseremita waldrappibis africanaviary sanfranciscozoogardens
Waldrapp ibises preen on the roof.
Photo by CarbonNYC [in SF!] on Flickr