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Bird Condos just introduced our newest and most secure bid cages, the Bird Condo and it includes a lot of pretty big changes.

Quakers tops the list of common and rare birds on sale in Orange - Central Western Daily

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  • Quakers tops the list of common and rare birds on sale in Orange

    02/28/17 ,via Central Western Daily

    Bird breeders who keep animals in tiny little cages are some of the most selfish and cruel people in our community. They will claim they love their birds and care for them, but then they stuff them in little cages and flaunt them like trophies. How

  • Top 10 things to do this weekend

    03/22/17 ,via Virginia Gazette

    10 Bird Walk: Co-sponsored by the Williamsburg Bird Club and New Quarter Park, the two-hour walk is guided, although aviary aficionados can peel off if they'd like. 7 a.m. Saturday, New Quarter Park, 1000 Lakeshead Drive. Free. 9 Winter High Tea Series

  • Boston aviary intruder pleads guilty

    02/28/17 ,via Cage & Aviary Birds

    Mr Ash, 67, told Cage & Aviary Birds: “It took about 10 years to establish a reliable breeding colony of Nyasa lovebirds, which consisted of 10 breeding pairs and 16 others made up of older birds – some were over 10 years old. “However, the security on

  • Escape to the high seas at the National Aviary

    02/21/17 ,via NEXTpittsburgh

    Attendees will enjoy exclusive access to the Aviary's Tropical Forest, Grasslands, Wetlands and Penguin Point exhibits, and will see Buccaneer Bird Shows and FliteZone theater presentations. The night's MVPs will be the exotic parrots, including the

  • A family reunion in Port Elizabeth, South Africa

    03/18/17 ,via Irish Examiner

    African crafts for sale in Green Market, Cape Town. Birds of Eden, a free-flight bird aviary (50 metres high, covering 23 000sq meters of forest) and has up to 3,500 specimens of more than 280 species, the main focus being African birds. My sister


  • Garden and Aviary Birds of India

    2017. 201 pages.
  • The Cockatoos

    McFarland. 2014. ISBN: 9781476614717,1476614717. 296 pages.

    "This book should have a special appeal for zoo personnel, those who maintain aviaries, pet owners or potential owners, bird watchers traveling to Australasia, and ornithologists interested in cockatoos...recommended"--Choice "Valuable."--ProtoView This reference book on the cockatoo family provides a comprehensive physical description of the various species of this exotic parrot, the habitat they favor, and their distribution and behaviors both in the wild and in captivity. Their...

  • Arrivals

    2017. ISBN: 0993539300,9780993539305. 106 pages.
  • Text, Cases and Materials on Contract Law

    Routledge. 2014. ISBN: 9781317815174,1317815173. 800 pages.

    Written by leading authors in the field, this clear and highly accessible volume provides full coverage of the topics commonly found in the contract law syllabus, alongside up-to-date illustrative case examples and stimulating commentary. Composed of approximately one-quarter authors’ commentaries and three-quarters cases and materials, including academics' articles and extracts from books and Law Commission papers, this book takes account of a variety of theoretical perspectives, including...

  • African Wildlife Laws

    IUCN. 1986. ISBN: 2880320917,9782880320911. 1712 pages.

city nyc newyorkcity urban ny newyork green bird nature cemetery brooklyn nest greenwoodcemetery greenwood parrot
Brooklyn Parrot Working on Nest
What are Wild Parrots Doing in Brooklyn? "There is much mystery surrounding the appearance of these remarkable birds in Brooklyn, but it can safely be said that they did not fly up here from Argentina on their...
Photo by Tony Fischer Photography on Flickr
china hk hongkong birdcages petbirds goldenmile songbirds yuenpostreet livepets traditionalchinesemarket hkstreetmarket tsimtsatsuidistrictkowloon kowlooncommercialdistrict birdmarketkowloon aviaryequipment
Yuen Po St. Bird garden, Kowloon
Cages and other bird related paraphernalia for sale in the Bird Market. I ended up feeling sad and depressed at the sheer number of items pertaining to caging of birds. Indeed, the phrase 'free as a bird' does have...
Photo by shankar s. on Flickr
garden enchanted
The Enchanted Garden
Ocho Rios Jamaica circa 1995. Located in a natural river gorge with 14 waterfalls, this resort also featured an awe-inspiring aviary filled with exotic birds and a seawater aquarium rotunda. The all-inclusive...
Photo by Hilmil1 on Flickr