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Bigbang - The Oslo Bowl, Love Today, Lazy Eye & Wild Bird (in-store concert)

Norwegian trio Bigbang doing an in-store concert at Platekompaniet in Trondheim, Norway April 2013. 1 The Oslo Bowl 2 Love Today 3 Lazy Eye 4 Wild Bird.

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Gingerbread Birdhouse Mosaic Art
My birthday is today and to celebrate it, I am posting my newest art project! Original mosaic art designed by me and made of white Portland cement. Each pecan, chocolate chip, chocolate drop, drop cookies, cut out...
Photo by Heart Windows Art on Flickr
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A-Z Criminal Register Indexes - Bristol 1817 - 1828 - B
Does your family have a criminal past? Search for your Blacksheep Ancestors it's Free Was your ancestor a murderer? Did your forefathers make their money through theft and deceit? These records could shed some light...
Photo by brizzle born and bred on Flickr
birdofparadise coffeemug hilohattie
Hilo Hattie Coffee Mug
A coffee mug from the now closed Hilo Hattie store at Festival Bay in Orlando, Florida.
Photo by Sam Howzit on Flickr