Bird Bowl Times

Bowling a strike at bird bowl

Miami bowling.

finch housefinch bird birds bowl ceramics bokeh
male house finch
My first time photographing and maybe seeing a male house finch. His partner joined him shortly after to have some sunflower seeds.
Photo by Prestonbot on Flickr
variedthrush bird winter snow quinoa surreybc orange ceramic clay bowl
Varied Thrush
My mom put out some quinoa for the birds and they're loving it. This is a varied thrush, a bird I had only seen one other time from far away, but came to my sundeck this afternoon. I actually crawled to the window and...
Photo by Prestonbot on Flickr
bird nature birds rock standing georgia wildlife birding migration grosbeak behavior birdwatching northgeorgia rosebreastedgrosbeak ainmals pheucticusludovicianus pickenscounty kodakz740 platformfeeder feederbirds talkingrock feederwatch rbgr backyardpishing
Rose-breasted Grosbeak Male on Rock
Project: Backyard Pishing; Private Residence, Talking Rock, Pickens County, North Georgia, USA Date: 2013.05.07; Very damp from INCHES of rain, more rain later in day Camera: Kodak Z740 Zoom Have lost track now but...
Photo by Cindy Sue Causey on Flickr