Bird Bowls For Cages

Pet Birds : How to Find the Best Cage for a Cockatiel

When finding a cage for a cockatiel, consider the size of the cage, where bigger is usually better, find an appropriate bar spacing and look for one with built-in .

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Pet Market Beijing
The Pet Market in Beijing is great, especially if you want to get a pet cricket, goldfish, cat, squirrel or whatever. It also has things like bird cages, walnuts, rare birds and other stalls.
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Hong Lok Bird Market
Not only did we see lots of birds for sale, they also had cages,birdseed barrels,and little porcelain bird seed bowls. The most interesting was the crickets tied up in little plastic bags. They would feed them to...
Photo by Tracy Hunter on Flickr
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By the Way (by Red Hot Chili Peppers)
1. Guess this song, 2. line up, 3. Shiny Happy Trails, 4. Imogen Heap sings "Hide and Seek", 5. marquee, 6. Lust N the Radio DJ, 7. Inbound on the Eastern Freeway, 8. my sister the biker slut, 9. Red Hot...
Photo by Beer30 on Flickr