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canary with a nice bowl cut :)

Haha there are two bird one is spots and the other one has hair so.

original food house art cookies yard garden tile portland recipe star design cookie candy heart handmade cut chocolate mosaic unique ooak ripple cement decoration gingerbread fake birdhouse artificial fudge sandwich rubber sugar homemade cast tiles thrift chef restore faux latex hanging mold oreo dye recycle pecan secondhand scrap dropped frosting peppermint thumbprint rolled reuse grout pressed gumdrop thinset
Gingerbread Birdhouse Mosaic Art
My birthday is today and to celebrate it, I am posting my newest art project! Original mosaic art designed by me and made of white Portland cement. Each pecan, chocolate chip, chocolate drop, drop cookies, cut out...
Photo by Heart Windows Art on Flickr
tree australasian nyctaginaceae pāpala catchbird pāpalakēpau catchbirdtree australasiancatchbirdtree taxonomy:binomial=pisoniabrunoniana
Pisonia brunoniana
Pāpala, Pāpala kēpau Australasian catchbird tree, Australasian catchbirdtree Nyctaginaceae (Four O'Clock family) Indigenous to the Hawaiian Islands (Oʻahu, Molokaʻi, Lānaʻi Maui, and Hawaiʻi Island) Oʻahu...
Photo by D.Eickhoff on Flickr
coffee sugar mug bowls sugarlumps
first steps
A long time ago there were two girls, and they decided to explore pottery.... One of them was me, and I made the two bird bowls in the front, just using simple slab work. My friend Ruth Dupré made the mug. I went...
Photo by The hills are alive* on Flickr