Lady Bird Bowls

Feb 16, 10:47 PST

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Ladybird beetle walking underwater on upturned bowl.wmv

Scientists have discovered that beetles are able to walk underwater using trapped air bubbles on their feet.

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dazzled maniac Jim Morrison drowns out the haunting whimper of a coyote dying on the road by his dreadful death-scream into the abyssal sun ... HWY 01:23:47
At 01:23:47 in HWY the Ηνίοχος James Douglas Morrison replies and drowns out the whimpering of a dying coyote hit by a car that in excess of ten seconds (@ 01:23:35) before he had witnessed lying on the highway - not...
Photo by quapan on Flickr
washingtondc whitehouse theellipse presidentspark hauptfountains enidhaupt
Western Haupt Fountain - 2012-09-20
Looking north past the westernmost of the two Haupt Fountains on the south side of The Ellipse at about 1600 Constitution Avenue NW. Each granite bowl is 18 feet across, a foot thick, and made of rainbow granite....
Photo by Tim Evanson on Flickr
ladybirdjohnson bowlingshoes shoes
Sensible shoes: Lady Bird's bowling shoes
Please attribute to Lorie Shaull if used elsewhere.
Photo by Lorie Shaull on Flickr