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Rain Sounds with Tibetan Singing Bowls and Birds chirping [ Sleep Music ]

The BEST nature music compilation ever made for meditation and relaxation . 10 HOURS with the most relaxing rain sounds from the nature mixed with singing.

Yet another technique for roasting chicken? This time treat it like ravioli. - The Boston Globe

Years ago, when the late American author Richard Olney, who lived in Avignon, in the south of France, came to this country to promote “Simply French Food,” I watched him prepare the dish, grating the zucchini on a fancy French device (that I... You flatten the bird — the British call this “spatchcocking,” though “butterflied” or “split” makes the point better — then slip a ricotta-zucchini mixture under the skin before roasting. Source:

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  • Yet another technique for roasting chicken? This time treat it like ravioli.

    03/21/17 ,via The Boston Globe

    The skin of the bird lifts easily from the flesh if you make a pocket first with your fingers, then slip in the filling. The dish, wrote Olney, has “a multitude of virtues.” The creamy cheese protects the flesh, especially the breasts; the filling

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  • Ten Thousand Years of Pottery

    University of Pennsylvania Press. 2017. ISBN: 0812235541,9780812235548. 352 pages.

    The finest history of pottery available, this book offers an inspirational journey through one of the oldest and most widespread of human activities.

  • Artefacts from the Solomon Islands in the Julius L. Benchley Collection

    1987. ISBN: 0714115703,9780714115702. 94 pages.
  • A Corpus of Late Celtic Hanging-bowls with an Account of the Bowls Found in Scandinavia

    Oxford University Press, USA. 2005. ISBN: 019813410X,9780198134107. 514 pages.

    Celtic hanging-bowls were produced from the fifth to the eleventh century and range from simple functional vessels to great masterpieces of the period. The first part of the publication sets the bowls in their historical and cultural background and discusses all key aspects of hanging-bowl research, including the much-disputed topics of origin, use, and chronology. The second part is a comprehensive and highly detailed catalogue, dealing with the whole series from Britain and Europe....

  • Easy-to-make Bird Feeders for Woodworkers

    Courier Corporation. 1989. ISBN: 9780486258478,0486258475. 110 pages.

    Detailed, simple-to-use guide offers common sense coverage of the basics of construction, materials, tools, plus selecting the right type of feeder, how to attract the species you want, how to hang and support your feeder, and much more. Text and illustrations for 12 classic and contemporary designs.

  • The Glory of Byzantium

    Metropolitan Museum of Art. 1997. ISBN: 9780870997778,0870997777. 574 pages.

    Serves as both visual and textual record of the exhibition of the same name, surveying the art of the Middle Byzantine period from the restoration of the use of icons by the Orthodox Church in 843 to the occupation of Constantinople by the Crusader forces from the West from 1204 to 1261. Conceived as a sequel to the 1976 exhibition "Age of Spirituality," which focused on the first centuries of Byzantium. Preceding the catalogue, 17 essays treat the historical context, religious sphere, and...

coyote sun 1969 tin hipster totem can hwy generations fordmustang beatnik shaman stunt howl maniac dazzled geisterfahrer cardriver jamesdouglasmorrison ghostdriver bokehlicious driverpic mhou deathscream deathbycarcrash ηνίοχοσ anamericanpastoral quapanhinkelstone
dazzled maniac Jim Morrison drowns out the haunting whimper of a coyote dying on the road by his dreadful death-scream into the abyssal sun ... HWY 01:23:47
At 01:23:47 in HWY the Ηνίοχος James Douglas Morrison replies and drowns out the whimpering of a dying coyote hit by a car that in excess of ten seconds (@ 01:23:35) before he had witnessed lying on the highway - not...
Photo by quapan on Flickr
bird ceramic teapot creamer iittala toika teema
iittala Teema
Iittala Toikka Rusee Grebe Glass Bird: Iittala Teema collection Deep Serving Bowl: Purnukka Small Jar:...
Photo by Didriks on Flickr
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Beautiful Flamingos In Zoo
Beautiful flamingos in zoo that has very poor living conditions. This photo was taken to help raise awareness of zoos that are more like prisons taking away the animals freedom to live in its natural environment in...