Bird Cages Big

Inside a giant bird cage

Foz do Iguacu and lots of macaw's.

nikon beesd carcara meneer d90 depaay uilenpark 70300vr zjeroen
Cara Cara ~ what a fast bird
last sunday... nice weather, we went to the "Uilenpark - de Paay", a small zoo near our village where they're specialized in owls... but there are a lot of other animals. it was also a nice time to test my...
Photo by Meneer Zjeroen on Flickr
barcelona birds aves nightingale rossinyol ocells lusciniamegarhynchos remolar deltallobregat ruiseñor
ruiseñor 01 - rossinyol - rufous nightingale - luscinia megarhynchos
EL RUISEÑOR Y EL EMPERADOR THE NIGHTINGALE AND THE EMPEROR En China, como sabes muy bien, el Emperador es chino, y chinos son todos los que lo rodean. Hace ya muchos años de lo que voy a contar, mas por eso...
Photo by ferran pestaña on Flickr
bird bell cage caged prisoner
Laura's prisoner
He wasn't big on standing still for the camera, but out of half a roll of film we managed to pull off at least one nice shot of the kid.
Photo by Don Fulano on Flickr