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Birds Cage Design 2

This is the collection of all Birds Cages around the world…I created 13 parts of this birds cage video…And this is only for Bird Lovers…They know the value of .

house bird facade puddle afternoon contemporary cage czechrepublic mundane ostrava beautifulisboring uglyisbeautiful 062014
Charlie The Talking Budgie
Ostrava, ul. Kosmova, Czech Republic June 2014 And they had radio turned on. I am still struggling with my "book project". I am now stuck with the cover design. I have got four versions of the cover, but...
Photo by Pavel P. on Flickr
fashion couture haute sys newrelease newreleases syanecisse systicisse sysdesign
[sYs] Birdy
So honored to have the sisters ask me to shoot their Birdy creation! I really felt this dress was special from inception... a caged bird set free but not wanting to leave the protection of her old world. Hope you...
Photo by Vixie Rayna on Flickr
fauna zoo uae abudhabi parrots unitedarabemirates cagedbirds zoologicalgardens psittaciformes psittacines emiratesparkzoo samhaabudhabi
Sad Looking Indian Parrot
I couldn't help but feel for this poor sad Indian Parrot, doomed to live in a tiny prison with no place to fly and with no trees or greenery. A real sad looking specimen if there was one. Of course, parrots have...
Photo by shankar s. on Flickr