Bird Cages Cockatiel

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52" Bird Cage Parrot Chinchilla Cockatiel Conure Large w/Stand, 2 Doors, 4 Cups

✔30.8 x 20.5 x 52"(LxWxH)"✔3 Wooden Perches✔USA Stock✔

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69" Large Bird Flight Cage Parrot Cage Pet Supplies Macaw Cockatiel Conure Finch

6 Feeding Cups✔3 Wooden Perches✔4 Swivel Caster Wheels✔

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New Bird Parrot Cage Chinchilla Cockatiel Conure Large Overall 32"x18"x64"

Ship from CA & KS & NJ! Premium Quality! Blowout Prices

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46.5" Large Metal Rolling Bird Cage Parrot Cockatiel House with Stand on Wheels

✔Fast Delivery✔US stock✔15.9x14.5x46.5’’✔Top Quality✔

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Pet Birds : How to Find the Best Cage for a Cockatiel

When finding a cage for a cockatiel, consider the size of the cage, where bigger is usually better, find an appropriate bar spacing and look for one with built-in .

bird cage malta cockatiel sliema
Lens: Yashica ML 50mm f1.4
Photo by zader on Flickr
pets birds nikon cage coolpix cockatiel parrots s220
Bird Watching...
Photo by Ishan Manjrekar on Flickr
Our 3 Cockatiels
We inherited these from my grandmother when she died. We really enjoy them. Their wings aren't clipped and we open their cage a lot of the day unless we aren't going to be home. They usually have a time that they fly...
Photo by audreyjm529 on Flickr