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Dory's New Cage Vlog - Eclectus Parrot

This video was recorded several months ago before I brought the bunnies home.

Birds of a feather will flock to Featherfest parrot expo March 25 in Middletown - Middletown Press

Debbie Goodrich, known as the “Parrot Lady,” owner of Parrot Ambassadors, president and founder of Flight Club Foundation, and creator and director of the Seattle Parrot Expo, will also speak about “The Importance of Parrots. Source:

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  • Birds of a feather will flock to Featherfest parrot expo March 25 in Middletown

    03/03/17 ,via Middletown Press

    For a decade, the Connecticut Parrot Society, which meets monthly in Middletown at Wadsworth Glen Health Care and Rehabilitation Center, has worked to educate the public and members about the unique nature of these imitative tropical birds with strong 

  • Birds as Best Friends

    09/22/16 ,via pride

    Zircon, a male eclectus parrot, is perched with pride on owner Dr. William J. Kupsky's finger in a living room glittering with antiques. Still, the bird They've gotten out of their cages many times, so we've had to reinforce some of them," he says

  • What Does a Parrot Know About PTSD?

    01/28/16 ,via New York Times

    For the next four to five hours, she, like the six other veterans in the work-therapy program there, brings food and water to the parrots, cleans their cages and nuzzles and coos and talks and squawks with them. Love, by far the most animated of the

  • Over One-Hundred Indonesian Parrots Released Back Into the Wild

    12/23/16 ,via PR Web (press release)

    The birds had been hidden on the Doloronada Ferry and slated to be shipped to the Phillipines and included forty-five Umbrella cockatoos, fifty-seven Eclectus parrots, and four Chattering lories. The Umbrella cockatoo, Eclectus parrot and Chattering

  • Grant lets Iowa Parrot Rescue make upgrades

    The first thing visitors to the Iowa Parrot Rescue in rural Muscatine County are likely to notice is the noise. Parrots are loud. More than 60 parrots in one place put up an almighty racket. And they're not just saying, “Polly want a cracker.” They're

2004 animal photo parrot captive eclectus cyron eclectusparrot eclectusroratus
Male Eclectus Parrot
A male eclectus parrot. The funny grey cast to this image is from the wires of the cage the bird was in. I was pressed right up against them
Photo by Cyron on Flickr