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53" 61" 68" Durable Steel Bird Cage Best Place for Your Birds Large Parrot Cage

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How to fix a round cage

We rescue parrots, and this cage was one that Jojo came in. Pebble supervises.


  • Guide to the Quaker Parrot

    Barron's Educational Series. 2017. ISBN: 0764136682,9780764136689. 122 pages.

    The Quaker parrot is a favorite among bird owners because of its endearing personality and its facility for human speech. The new, updated edition of this popular book provides expert advice on Quaker parrot behavior training, grooming, diet, cages, toys, and protecting the inquisitive Quaker parrot from household accidents. The author, a widely recognized expert on parrots, emphasizes the importance of reinforcing desirable behavior and instructs on sensitively replacing undesirable ones,...

  • Pickles the Parrot

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    This unusual book is a detailed guide for the parrot owner who wants to breed the birds but has no prior experience. The author, an experienced breeder, covers all of the basics in layman's terminology, and points out both the rewards and pitfalls connected with parrot breeding. Topics covered include who should (and who should not) breed parrots, obtaining breeding stock, providing housing and supplies for a parrot flock, maintaining flock health, avian reproduction, incubation, rearing...

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  • Guide to the Senegal Parrot and Its Family

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    Relatively quiet, friendly and acrobatic, the bright green and yellow domestic African Senegal parrot must be socialized early and their domesticated behavior patterns regularly maintained to keep them tame. This book offers valuable clues to the Senegal's sensitive temperament and other specialized needs, along with information about the bird's behavior, dietary needs, and appropriate indoor environment. Photos throughout.

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New cage for our parakeets named Twitter (bottom left) and Magie (top right). #birds #parakeets #budgies #birdsofinstagram #parakeet #bird #parakeetsofinstagram #budgiesofinstagram #budgie #budgerigar #parrots #parrot #cute #animals #animal #pet #instabir
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