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Roseville becomes first Minnesota city to ban sales of dogs, cats at pet stores - Press

Other pet stores in town, such as Petco and Chuck & Don’s, sell supplies but don’t sell dogs and cats. The city council began discussions to prohibit sales last year after Har Mar Pet Shop, the only store in the city that sells dogs and cats, received a troubling inspection report from the U. S. Department of Agriculture. Source:

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  • Roseville becomes first Minnesota city to ban sales of dogs, cats at pet stores

    Other pet stores in town, such as Petco and Chuck & Don's, sell supplies but don't sell dogs and cats. They do The only criticism came from Council Member Tammy McGehee, who felt the ordinance should extend to birds, rodents and reptiles, not just

  • This Is Where Petco And PetSmart Get Their Animals

    01/21/16 ,via The Dodo

    You know all those cute guinea pigs and hamsters at your local pet store? This is where they come from. While many people are familiar with the horrors of puppy mills, few know that other animals purchased large-scale by pet stores, such as rabbits and 

  • Open the Cages!

    the public's concern for animals across a wide range of animal abuses. As we would expect, the public is particularly concerned about dogs and cats, and Pacelle tells us how two pet store chains, PetSmart and Petco, have responded to this concern

  • Cambridge aims to take pets out of pet stores

    09/19/16 ,via The Boston Globe

    Julia Bonner, 16, of Canton looked at a green iguana at Petco in Needham. Matthew J. Lee/Globe Forget the doggie with the waggly tail — that parrot, guinea pig, or iguana in the window will never be for sale in Cambridge if the City Council

  • Pet Tales: A rescued dog wins $50000 for the shelter that saved her

    12/24/16 ,via Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

    More than 5,000 people competed in the Petco Foundation's Holiday Wishes Campaign, writing about how their adopted pets changed their lives. Of the 54 finalists, Olive's story was selected as one of two second-place winners. Judges called Mr. Kennedy's 


  • Cockatiel handbook

    Tfh Pubns Inc. 1981. 254 pages.
  • The Ultimate Bird Lover

    Health Communications, Inc.. 2010. ISBN: 9780757314384,0757314384. 328 pages.

    Offers anecdotes and information about pet birds as well as birds sighted in the wild, in a book where expert advice compliments avian tales.

  • Mouse Care

    TFH Publications Inc. 2004. ISBN: 9780793844913,0793844916. 64 pages.

    With quick and easy instructions, Mouse Care provides all the information you need to care for your mice. This book includes chapters on proper housing, nutrition, and overall health, and it will help you get better acquainted with your energetic pets through proper hand-taming and training.

  • The Humane Economy

    HarperCollins. 2016. ISBN: 9780062389664,0062389661. 368 pages.

    A major new exploration of the economics of animal exploitation and a practical roadmap for how we can use the marketplace to promote the welfare of all living creatures, from the renowned animal-rights advocate Wayne Pacelle, President/CEO of the Humane Society of the United States and New York Times bestselling author of The Bond. In the mid-nineteenth century, New Bedford, Massachusetts was the whaling capital of the world. A half-gallon of sperm oil cost approximately $1,400 in today’s...

  • Enslaved by Ducks

    Algonquin Books. 2004. ISBN: 9781565127302,1565127307. 320 pages.

    The book that Entertainment Weekly called "hilarious," Publishers Weekly declared "a true pleasure," Booklist called "heartwarming," and the Dallas Morning News praised as "rich and funny" is now available in paperback. When Bob Tarte bought a house in rural Michigan, he was counting on a tranquil haven. Then Bob married Linda. She wanted a rabbit, which seemed innocuous enough until the bunny chewed through their electrical wiring. And that was just the beginning. Before long, Bob found...

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