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San Diego California.

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Black-Throated Magpie Jay
(Calocitta colliei) Tijuana River Valley San Diego County, CA March 17, 2016 (feral population believed to be escaped cage birds from nearby Tijuana) This is the same type of bird Sheldon is seen holding, but...
Photo by 5thLargestinAfrica on Flickr
bird zoo toucan cage sandiegozoo platebilled mountaintoucan
Toucan in a Cage
Plate-billed Mountain-toucan, Andigena laminirostris lives in South America, ranging from southwestern Colombia to western Ecuador and prefers humid mountain forests. This species is not threatened according to the...
Photo by Chris Hunkeler on Flickr
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caged raptor
I feel so bad for these birds. I had no idea it was going to be like this before I went! last batch from the chula vista nature center my links:
Photo by eggrole on Flickr