Bird Cages Small

Mini Bird Cage for Parakeets with recicled wood.

A small bird cage for Parakeets made in our shop, using recycled wood that we had in our junkyard.

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Yuen Po St. Bird garden, Kowloon
They have have some exotic birds, like this toucan, kept in a pitifully small cage. Majestic birds of the forest: do they really belong here? And to cage them so? It's cruel and inhuman. Jan/ Feb 2012
Photo by shankar s. on Flickr
bald eagle usa us freedom cage charleston aquarium
Freedom in a Cage
I saw this awesome bald eagle at South Carolina Aquarium. Its claws are hitched on the branch and the eagle is confined in a rather small glass cage, which is surrounded by boisterous visitors. Bald eagles represent a...
Photo by Ari He on Flickr
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The hottest bird in the aviary. He really gets your attention.
Photo by SFB579 Namaste on Flickr