Bird Cages With Stand

Antique Solid brass bird cage and Stand

Solid brass cage with stand.

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  • Egg makers are freaked out by the cage-free future

    03/22/17 ,via CNBC

    The cost of building a cage-free system averages out to about $40 per bird, which for a 1-million-hen operation — a common size in the business — gets expensive fast. About 86% of the country's eggs While shoppers already have the option to buy

  • Commercial flock tests positive for avian flu in Alabama

    03/24/17 ,via Mcalester News Capital

    State agriculture officials say the low pathogenic strain of bird flu does not pose a risk to the food supply, and no affected poultry have entered the food chain. The risk of human infection with avian influenza during poultry outbreaks is very low

  • PREMIERE: Jake Bellows' “Little Bird” breaks the cage of monotony; Tim Kasher talks new album on Washed Up Emo ...

    As the sign at his desk says, a person can stand anything except a succession of ordinary days. “Little Bird” — a reverb-laden, previously unreleased track which premieres today — depicts the man's closed loop of days as a self-constructed cage. He

  • Now is a good time to set out nesting materials for birds | HeraldNet ...

    03/19/17 ,via The Daily Herald

    Birds can be very specific about nest materials: the Australian malleefowl creates a nest out of bird compost; the Southeast Asian edible-nest swiftlets use layers 

  • 2017's first bird flu case in commercial poultry found in Tennessee

    03/06/17 ,via Cullman Times Online

    16, 2009 file photo, chickens stand in their cages at a farm near Stuart, Iowa. South Dakota has its first case of bird flu at an egg-laying chicken farm that holds 1.3 million of the birds. Dakota Layers says it was told by the state veterinarian

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Lambing & Daffodils at Kentwell Hall 28-03-2004
Kentwell - a very different experience: a romantic, completely moated, mellow redbrick Tudor mansion in a tranquil parkland setting - but so much more. A 30+ years Restoration Project In 1970 Kentwell stood...
Photo by Karen Roe on Flickr
bird bell cage caged prisoner
Laura's prisoner
He wasn't big on standing still for the camera, but out of half a roll of film we managed to pull off at least one nice shot of the kid.
Photo by Don Fulano on Flickr
blue pet stand room cage budgerigar budgie perch skyblue lightblue
I expect most people will not like the blocked shadow caused by the close flash. I really liked it, makes her look more evil than she is. Location: My home, Saltford, United Kingdom. Model: Kiki.
Photo by stephenshellard on Flickr