Bird 2 Shuttle

Bird2 - Revolutionary Composite Shuttlecock Explained

uk/buy/bird-2-composite-trial-pack/ Founder & Designer Gordon Willis explains the Bird2 shuttlecock, click show.

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Near Zion Human History Museum, Zion National Park, Utah
Looking ahead on S.R. 9, as seen from the shuttle, as we exit the Zion Human History Museum. I believe the Sentinel is the highest feature (the one on the left). Zion National Park is located in the Southwestern...
Photo by Ken Lund on Flickr
archaeology hammer boat saw magic knife vessel trinity scales weapon shuttle bolt sacred missile harpoon blade serpent dagger chisel artifact discovery dart tool cutter lightningbolt versatile relics wedge saxon artefact stoneage neolithic stoneware thunderbolt vitreous hilt pestle objettrouvé adamant ingot mjolnir stonetool polytheism flakescar seax adamantine objectofvirtu quapanhinkelstone
MISSILE STONEWARE: Thor's thunder~bolt~serpent “ingot”; Freya's “βαυβóν”; Odin's ferry~boat “dart”. MAGIC.κ.TOOL: hafted saxon knife (“seax”) & saw; hilted hammer & harpoon. ♦SACRED♦ADAMANTINE♦LIGHTNING♦SHUTTLE♦
──► DECK: Move your mouse over the above ło کee the noteς I've inکcribed onło the łhunderbolł-کerpenł's deck. (Sept 2nd). ──► BOTTOM-UP: Odin's ferry boat from beneath (Sept 15th). ──► STAR-BOARD: »thunder-boat«...
Photo by quapan on Flickr
spacex falcon1 maiden launch elonmusk marshallislands privatesector orbital vehicle rocket
Live from the SpaceX Launch Webcast
It looks very windy in the Marshall Islands, with scattered birds... You can see the vent gases going horizontal, and the support lines rocking, and the flag flapping... 3pm update: they are loading liquid oxygen...
Photo by jurvetson on Flickr