Bird And The Worm

The Used - The Bird And The Worm (Video)

2007 WMG The Bird And The Worm (Video)

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The early bird gets the worm
Photo by docoverachiever on Flickr
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Robin company
I was photographing some fungi and I moved some rotten logs to get a better shot. Apparently I exposed some little worms in the process and this little guy came down to give me some company and have some snacks.
Photo by creyesk on Flickr
bird children spring feeding parent catterpillar
The early bird gets the worm
Hi guys! I've been quite busy the past weeks due to exams, but I thought I'd post a picture of a spring sign. We have a bird nest between the second and third floor in our house so I managed to capture one of the...
Photo by TimOve on Flickr