Bird Bones

Bird Skeleton

Video Tutorial of the bones of a bird skeleton for comparative anatomy.

greatblackbackedgull larusmarinus
Great Black-backed Gull (Larus marinus)
I read about how these gulls will even kill other birds for food (and they are brutal in the process). The day after I took these shots I transported an injured sanderling to the Marine Science Center for care. It's...
Photo by Andrea Westmoreland on Flickr
liberty eagle baldeagle houston
Liberty is a Southern Bald Eagle who lives at the Houston Zoo. She has lived there since 2000. Bald Eagles usually nest in trees, but Liberty was found on the ground by a Texas Parks and Wildlife officer. He found...
Photo by Joel Olives on Flickr
arizona nikon chick presbyterian greathornedowl d40
I got a rabbit bone in my throat
May 7, 2008. Triplet Great Horned Owl chicks at Valley Presbyterian Church. A pair of owls has nested in the front window of the church annually since 1984. These owls were hatech on March 20 and are getting ready to...
Photo by desertdutchman on Flickr