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Angry Birds Epic: Stone Guard Incoming New Red Bird Class

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melissamcmasters taxonomy:kingdom=animalia animalia taxonomy:phylum=chordata chordata taxonomy:subphylum=vertebrata vertebrata taxonomy:class=aves aves taxonomy:order=pelecaniformes pelecaniformes taxonomy:family=ardeidae ardeidae taxonomy:genus=ardea ardea taxonomy:species=herodias taxonomy:binomial=ardeaherodias голямасинячапла ardeaherodias garzamorena greatblueheron grandhéron gbhe garçarealamericana garzaazul taxonomy:common=голямасинячапла taxonomy:common=garzamorena taxonomy:common=greatblueheron taxonomy:common=grandhéron taxonomy:common=gbhe taxonomy:common=garçarealamericana taxonomy:common=garzaazul
Great blue heron
Photo by cricketsblog on Flickr
berlin bird fauna aves german vulture kingvulture pcc berlinzoo sarcoramphuspapa cathartidae berlinzoologicalgarden portlandcamerclub
King Vulture
I had two prints entered in last evenings Portland Camera Club competition's Class B category. I was fortunate to get 26/30 for this one and that was sufficient to place 1st in the B category. For comparison the...
Photo by Me in ME on Flickr
texas juvenile caracara andymorffew morffew
Juvenile Caracara
There are three stages of development of caracaras. Juvenile, sub-adult and adult. This caracara is between a juvenile and sub-adult. I've classed it as juvenile because the banding wasn't very apparent on its neck...
Photo by Andy Morffew on Flickr