Bird Evolution

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Transformation: Dinosaurs to Birds

This spellbinding animation from the Museum's new exhibition “Dinosaurs Among Us” traces the evolutionary transition from dinosaurs to birds.

suisse léman oiseaux morges greatcrestedgrebe podicepscristatus haubentaucher svasso svassi grèbe huppé oiseauxaquatiques
Podiceps cristatus Grèbes huppés avec les petits
J'ai guetté pendant des semaines l'évolution de la construction des nids, de la couvaison (j'ai même vu un accouplement). Finalement, je les ai observés à ma guise ! Pas farouches, justes victimes des propriétaires de...
Photo by peuplier on Flickr
Media Evolution City - Fix Office
Media Evolution City, photocred: Sebastian Borg
Photo by Media Evolution on Flickr
galapagos galapagosislands darwinsfinch smallgroundfinch andymorffew morffew
Darwin's Finch
A male Small Ground Finch. One of the 13 species of Galapagos finch from a common ancestor that helped Charles Darwin formulate his theory of evolution. Thank you for viewing this image and in particular, thank you...
Photo by Andy Morffew on Flickr