Bird Feathers

Jan 16, 05:53 PST

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Bird feathers

This shows close-up images of the barbs on a feather so that you can see their hooks, and how they connect together.

chickadee chickadees blackcappedchickadee bird birds animal animals nature wildlife feathers fly winter ontario canada
Black-capped Chickadee
One of my favorite little birds. Love their funny antics and sweet faces. I call them the pugs of the bird world! lol
Photo by DaPuglet on Flickr
pinesiskin bird
pine siskin?
I think this is a pine siskin. It looks a bit like a song sparrow, but smaller and with some yellow feathers on the wings.
Photo by Prestonbot on Flickr
ubejaneloop mountainzebranp scalyfeatheredweaver sporopipessquamifrons taxonomy:binomial=sporopipessquamifrons bird
Scaly-feathered Weavers (Sporopipes squamifrons)
Ubejane Loop, Mountain Zebra NP, Eastern Cape, SOUTH AFRICA
Photo by berniedup on Flickr