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A Photogenic Brunnichs Guillemots
Taken in Dorset. No descripition from me as the RSPB haven't registerd this bird but all I know is that this bird is a MEGA on Bird Guides and its the only one in the UK!! My other websites are...
Photo by Wildlife Boy1 on Flickr
bird birds aves yellow thailand d800 sigma sigma150300mm khaoyai khaoyainationalpark nationalpark rushen malacocincla abbotti malacocinclaabbotti abbotts babbler abbottsbabbler
Malacocincla abbotti, Abbott's babbler - Khao Yai Naitonal Park
This photo is published under Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike Licence, means you are free to use this photo with attribution under same licence. When giving attribution, please use following; Owner: Thai...
Photo by Rushen! on Flickr
northcarolina rubycrownedkinglet reguluscalendula moorecounty
Ruby Crowned Kinglet
This one is shy of the feeder and only lands for a moment. I have been seeing him for the past week and did not recognize him. Finally I got a shot clear enough to identify him as the Ruby-Crowned Kinglet. It was...
Photo by DrPhotoMoto on Flickr