Bird Hitch

Bird Hitch by Duck Slayer


bald eagle usa us freedom cage charleston aquarium
Freedom in a Cage
I saw this awesome bald eagle at South Carolina Aquarium. Its claws are hitched on the branch and the eagle is confined in a rather small glass cage, which is surrounded by boisterous visitors. Bald eagles represent a...
Photo by Ari He on Flickr
sylvester swans 2010 strangebuttrue bristolharbourside ostrichinn truefacts bristolgoose grumpygoose russiangoose unusalinterestingfacts
Sylvester the grumpy Bristol goose gets maritime funeral!
2010 - A well known and much loved Bristol goose is being laid to rest at a special maritime funeral. Sylvester lived in the docks for decades and was thought to be around 30 years of age when he died, on the last...
Photo by brizzle born and bred on Flickr
Hitching a Ride EXPLORE May, Thank you !
Please do not use this Photo without permission, thank you Thank you to all who comment , fav and add, )))) Have a great Day Why don't you take a LOOK at my other cute Gosling pic's in this series . The Dorset...
Photo by pipilongstockings on Flickr