Bird Journal

Bird guide Junk Journal - made for charity

A journal I have made using an old bird identification guide book.

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  • Android Candy: That App Is for the Birds!

    03/22/17 ,via Linux Journal

    Usually bird-related apps involve pigs and anger, but if you're a bird watcher like myself, there's another bird app you must download. Cornell Labs has released a free Shawn Powers is a Associate Editor. You might find him on IRC

  • Fly South for the Bird City Comedy Festival

    03/22/17 ,via Downtown Phoenix Journal

    “Downtown Phoenix has a tight-knit arts community, so we felt that it would be a natural fit for a comedy festival with alternative comedy leanings,” Genevieve Rice, producer of the Bird City Comedy Festival said. “Plus, it's an area with so many great

  • Bird-flu outbreak in Asia puts producers in a bind

    03/22/17 ,via MarketWatch

    The United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization said that as of early March, there were more reported human cases of H7N9—the current strain of bird flu in China—than the combined number of human cases caused by other types of the virus 

  • Parrots make each other laugh, at least kea birds in New Zealand do

    New Zealand's highly intelligent parrot, the playful kea bird, has a contagious “play call,” like human laughter, that makes other kea birds want to play more. A new study in the journal Current Biology found that the kea is the first nonmammal species

  • Bird-Flu Outbreak Brings Pain for Poultry Producers in Asia

    Avian influenza is spreading across Asia in what may be the worst outbreak in seven years, as the human death toll rises and chickens are culled in Japan, South Korea and China in an effort to contain the disease. In January and February, 140 people in 


  • Bird Journal

    2016. ISBN: 1540760502,9781540760500. 152 pages.

    Journal Notebook To Write In. Lined, Ruled Journal Large 8.5 inches x 11 inches 150 Pages Get yourself a journal to write in. Journal your thoughts, notes, and much more. Go to our Author page and check out our extensive range of journals with fantastic covers Keeping a Journal has many benefits Including Problem Solving Mental clarification Increasing Focus Enabling Self Discovery Reducing Stress And Many More! Get A Journal Today! Tags: Motivational adults Journal blank pages Journal Book...

  • Audubon Bird Journal

    Galison Books. 2013. ISBN: 0735336784,9780735336780. 112 pages.

    The colorful bird images are reproduced from hand-colored lithographs from John James Audubon's The Birds of America, published in New York and Philadelphia 1840-45.

  • The Spohn Family of Berks County, Pa

  • Eagle Getting Ready to Land Bird Journal

    Createspace Independent Publishing Platform. 2016. ISBN: 1539354776,9781539354772. 150 pages.

    This blank journal with 150 lined pages awaits your writing pleasure. Use it for journaling, as a diary, or as a notebook to jot down your "To-Do" lists or even your "To-Don't" lists! The choice is all yours. Enjoy!

  • Pretty Bird! Portrait of a Budgerigar Bird Journal

    Createspace Independent Publishing Platform. 2016. ISBN: 1540859495,9781540859495. 150 pages.

    This journal with 150 ruled pages awaits your writing pleasure. You can use it to record your hopes and dreams, express your gratitude, to keep a bucket list, as a daily diary, or to jot down your "To-Do" lists. The possibilities are endless and the choice is all yours. Enjoy!

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Hubble Helps Find Smallest Known Galaxy Containing a Supermassive Black Hole
This is an illustration of a supermassive black hole, weighing as much as 21 million suns, located in the middle of the ultradense galaxy M60-UCD1. The dwarf galaxy is so dense that millions of stars fill the sky as...
Photo by NASA Goddard Photo and Video on Flickr
Mindener Zeitinseln 2012 Foto-Lizenz: CC-BY Oliver Hallmann
Photo by ohallmann on Flickr
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Protecting The Nest, Jerico Beach
Watching an approching attack...
Photo by Patrick Doheny on Flickr