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Jun 20, 22:40 PDT

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Public Prank - Flappy Bird In The Library

Went out and played some flappy bird really loudly in the library.

animals belgique belgium fauna zoologie zoology fieldmuseumofnaturalhistorylibrary bhl:page=52271919 dc:identifier=httpbiodiversitylibraryorgpage52271919
Faune belge.. Liége :H. Dessain,1842..
Photo by BioDivLibrary on Flickr
birds taekwondo karate violence kickboxing fightclub starlings
Starling Fight Club
Library of Congress, Jefferson building lawn.
Photo by angela n. on Flickr
birds australia ornithology greatcrestedgrebe geo:country=australia taxonomy:binomial=podicepscristatus podicepscristatusaustralis harvarduniversitymczernstmayrlibrary taxonomy:binomial=podicepsaustralis bhl:page=43646989 dc:identifier=httpbiodiversitylibraryorgpage43646989 artist:name=graciusjosephbroinowski
The birds of Australia,. Melbourne [etc.]C. Stuart & co.,1890-91..
Photo by BioDivLibrary on Flickr