Bird Lice

Bird Mite Obsession | Infested!

Even after a house is cleared of bird mites, one of the owners still searches.


  • An Asymmetrical Bird-louse Found on Three Different Species of Troupials

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  • American Insects

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  • Survey of the Mallophaga (bird Lice) Encountered in Egypt

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    Parasitic Diseases of Wild Birds provides thorough coverage of major parasite groups affecting wild bird species. Broken into four sections covering protozoa, helminths, leeches, and arthropod parasites, this volume provides reviews of the history, disease, epizootiology, pathology, and population impacts caused by parasitic disease. Taking a unique approach that focuses on the effects of the parasites on the host, Parasitic Diseases of Wild Birds fills a unique niche in animal health...

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    Everything you need to care for and keep happy, healthy chickens With directives on diagnosing and treating sick or ailing chickens, as well as general information on how to keep chickens in peak condition, Chicken Health For Dummies is your go-to guide on how to best care for and keep chickens. Inside, you'll get everything you need to know about chicken health and wellness: an encyclopedia full of common and not-so-common diseases, injuries, symptoms, and cures that chicken owners may...

white mouse rip footed
mouse fart
this little guy wandered into our lives wednesday night, and wandered out thursday night in the quiet of night. weep! he was so cute. meow meow got his mom last week, in the gecko's room. he was found wandering...
Photo by megankhines on Flickr
ecuador galapagos northseymourisland
This Swallow-tailed Gull is clearly top-gun material, scrambling like mad in pursuit of an objective known only to it and perhaps whichever gull it was that set it off. Note to Viewers: With this photo I am...
Photo by A.Davey on Flickr
park bald madison owen northern cardnal canonef400mmf4doisusm 800mmhandheld
According to what I've been able to find, this isn't all that uncommon in Northern Cardinals. It's thought to either be molt, or a very bad case of lice.
Photo by ibm4381 on Flickr