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Bird Mite Obsession | Infested!

Even after a house is cleared of bird mites, one of the owners still searches.

northcarolina lizard picnik greenanole richmondcounty anoliscarolinensis
(Green) Anole
Thanks Carolinensis for the ID of Green Anole, Anolis carolinensis. He sat staring at me and the dog (Sally) as I took a number of shots. Sally was off to my right so the anole would lean out and stare at Sally and...
Photo by DrPhotoMoto on Flickr
bootedrackettail hummingbird hovering flying feeding flower female mites hummingbirdflowermites tandayapabirdlodge ecuador andymorffew morffew inexplore explore naturethroughthelens
Female Booted Racket-tail
This hummingbird photo was taken at Tandayapa Bird Lodge in Ecuador. You may just be able to see the hummingbird flower mites at the top of the hummer's bill and in the nostril. These were very common on the hummers...
Photo by Andy Morffew on Flickr
cardinal femalecardinal dawnhuczek
missing feathers
I am not sure if this is molting or mites. I hope just molting.
Photo by Dawn Huczek on Flickr