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Snowball (TM) - Another One Bites The Dust

Snowball (TM) gets down to Queen's "Another One Bites The Dust.


  • Islam Myths & Legends Vol 1 The Hoopoe Bird (HudHud) & Queen of Sheba (Queen Bilqis)

    Mega Hikari SP. 2015. 31 pages.

    {Prophet Sulayman (Solomon) inspected the birds, and said, 'What is the matter that I see not the hoopoe (Hudhud)? Or is he among the absentees? I will surely punish him with a severe torment, or slaughter him, unless he brings me a clear reason.’} (An-Naml: 20-21) My name is Marhala. It is a nice name chosen by Hidan. I am one of the masters of the wind, the clouds and the water. I fly throughout days and nights without being exhausted. I only see the land from my towering throne in the sky....

  • Summer and Bird

    Penguin. 2012. ISBN: 9781101591598,1101591595. 352 pages.

    An enchanting--and twisted--tale of two sisters' quest to find their parents When their parents disappear in the middle of the night, young sisters Summer and Bird set off on a quest to find them. A cryptic picture message from their mother leads them to a familiar gate in the woods, but comfortable sights quickly give way to a new world entirely--Down--one inhabited by talking birds and the evil Puppeteer queen. Summer and Bird are quickly separated, and their divided hearts lead them each...

  • H.E. Bird

    McFarland. 2016. ISBN: 9780786475780,0786475781. 704 pages.

    No chess player of the 19th century had a longer, more varied career than Henry Edward Bird (1829-1908). After pursuing a civil career for years his love for chess prevailed. He belonged to the top level of British players for decades but he really shone at Simpson's Divan. Bird's accessibility, fierce attacking style and contempt for draws made him a people's favorite but his proud and touchy character led him into disputes with his colleagues. A very strong and widely known player, he fell...

  • The Snow Queen and the Goblin

    Dramatic Publishing. 1956. ISBN: 0871290693,9780871290694. 48 pages.
  • American Duroc-Jersey Record


birds burrowingowls wiggo knighted specanimal naturethroughthelens blinkagain andymorffew sirbradleywiggins newyearhonourslist morffew
Bow your head - here comes Sir Wiggo!
Congratulations to Sir Bradley Wiggins. Knighted in the Queen's New Year Honours list. For the non-Brits, Sir Bradley had a brilliant year. He won the Tour de France, a gold medal at the Olympics and became the...
Photo by Andy Morffew on Flickr
bird cockatiel
Bilingual Cockatiel
Photo by Jan Tik on Flickr
australia nsw lakewood northhaven goldenwhistler pachycephalapectoralis queenslake
Golden Whistler
Photo by Greg Miles on Flickr