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Birds of Paradise Bedding


Starbucks Mug Rug Swap
1. scrappy mug rug, 2. FMF mug rug - sent to Shanz!!, 3. dreamy mug rug, 4. Mug rug, 5. little froggy mug rug, 6. Paper Pieced Mini Quilt, 7. take your pick, 8. Got the cutest mug rug ever - queen bee for #stashbee...
Photo by Lori Hartman Designs on Flickr
armyartsandcraftscontest ltcolleonpennington armyfamilyandmoralewelfareandrecreationcommand
Fitzpatrick’s ‘Stone Flower’ best of show in Army Arts and Crafts Contest
10112-MidTour.jpg: Lt. Col. Leon Pennington’s “Midtour” sculpture earned third-place honors in accomplished ceramics in the 2010 Army Arts and Crafts Contest. “I sculpted this piece as a gift for my wife to celebrate...
Photo by familymwr on Flickr
inspiration swap pouch
Pretty Little Pouch Inspiration
1. Bird Zip Pouch, 2. D with blue bird pouch, 3. no 113 Pleated Zipper Pouches-Testers Needed, 4. mustard flowers pouch 2, 5. Chartreuse Clutch with Gray Poppy, 6. Wordless Wednesday 1A, 7. B's new cosmetic pouch...
Photo by TinyApartmentCrafts on Flickr