Bird Quotes

Jan 22, 11:29 PST

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Larry Bird in Quotes

I don't own the music, references for all quotes are available upon inquiry.

blackandwhite bird nature rock closeup one squareformat crow
The Crow
“The crow wished everything was black, the owl, that every thing was white.” - William Blake I find this to be an intriguing quote - does it refer to "right and wrong", "good and evil",...
Photo by docoverachiever on Flickr
life appreciation thankful grateful lesson gratitude lessonlearned iamgratefulfor iamthankfulfor lifequote rhondabyrne symphonyoflove begrateful lessoninlife gratitudequote gratitudechangeseverything livethedaywithagratefulheart
Gratitude changes everything
Gratitude changes everything. - Rhonda Byrne (more Rhonda Byrne love quotes and sayings) Live the day with a grateful heart. This is also shared at OM: Rekindling the Light Within Original photo credit:...
Photo by symphony of love on Flickr
Seagull Portrait
Jonathan is a Yellow-legged Gull. An Englishman on holiday prefers 'Chips and beer and too much beer'. - Quote of the Day from BBC 'A Point of View'. - 6th July 2014. Gulls often agree!
Photo by Trev Grant on Flickr