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Play this Bird Repellent video of eagle sounds to scare away unwanted birds and pests in your yard from the calls of birds of prey.

Latest News

  • Wisconsin Conservation Congress to Vote Again on Sandhill Crane Hunting Season

    03/23/17 ,via Door County Pulse

    The ICF played a role in developing Avipel, a bird repellent that can be used on newly planted seeds. Birds who eat seeds treated with Avipel experience “an unpleasant, but harmless, gut reaction they associate with the location,” according to Arkion

  • Ask The Contractor: Sonic devices won't always keep the pests away

    03/22/17 ,via Chino Valley Review

    Sonic devices meant to keep pests away can cost thousands of dollars, but they have not shown a long history of working very well. By Sandy Griffis. Originally 

  • Global Bird Repellent Market 2017- Bird-X , Nixalite, Avian Enterprises

    The research report labeled Global Bird Repellent Market 2017 presents the penetrating study of Bird Repellent market globally, concentrating on complete analysis of the present and past historical details of Bird Repellent market. The competitive

  • Laser idea to deter ducks

    Ms Brassington is a finalist in the RIRDC Victorian rural women's award for her project – Duck: stirred not shredded – which uses information she gained from European and North American farmers who use laser bird repellent systems. After studying data

  • Ask the Contractor: Chase away pests with sound? Not so fast

    03/10/17 ,via Prescott Daily Courier

    Currently there are many sonic bird repellent devices in the market that utilize distress calls. Many of the patents use vague wording to describe how the devices operate, such as “the device controls pests with high-frequency sound” or “it repels


  • Research on Bird Repellents

  • Bird Harassment, Repellent, and Deterrent Techniques for Use on and Near Airports

    Transportation Research Board. 2017. ISBN: 9780309143370,0309143373. 32 pages.

    TRB’s Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) Synthesis 23: Bird Harassment, Repellent, and Deterrent Techniques for Use on and Near Airports reviews techniques for reducing bird collisions with aircraft and the relative effectiveness of the various techniques.

  • Mesurol as a Bird Repellent on Ripening Highbush Blueberries in Southwestern Michigan

    1978. 90 pages.
  • A Review of Studies on Bird Repellents

    2017. 26 pages.
  • Vertebrate Pest Control and Management Materials

    ASTM International. 1983. 315 pages.

sony 3004 a99
Photo by Ronaldc5 on Flickr
bird dove mourningdove raining
Mourning Dove In The Rain
It always amazes me on how water repellent bird feathers are.
Photo by Tobyotter on Flickr
crane sandhill sandhillcrane
What You Seek Is Seeking You
donned my boots and ventures out to the greenhouse to mix up some deer repellent to put on the tulips that were coming up, turned around and this guy was right behind me. Glad to share the yard with him. All I had...
Photo by katerha on Flickr