Bird Spikes

Installing Bird Spikes

How to install bird spikes on buildings of all types and surfaces.

male dude spiked cardinaliscardinalis northerncardinal punkdo
Rockin' a punk "do"
Photo by fishhawk on Flickr
Originally named Buffy, but we like Spike better.
Photo by arthwollipot on Flickr
fence sebastian florida barbedwire loggerheadshrike larder butcherbird naturethroughthelens andymorffew morffew
Loggerhead Shrike - Butcher Bird
The Loggerhead Shrike is also known as a butcher bird because it impales its prey on spikes in trees or on barbed-wire fences, creating a larder! Here is a shrike impaling a large insect on a spike on a barbed-wire...
Photo by Andy Morffew on Flickr