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Santina Green-Winged Macaw - First Vet Visit

com/Santina_Vet Santina the Green Winged Macaw goes to the avian vet for the first time since I adopted her about a week and a half ago.

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Parque Zoológico de São Paulo / Sao Paulo Zoo - Arara Militar (Arara Verde) / Military Macaw
ARARA MILITAR (ARARA VERDE) / MILITARY MACAW ORDEM / Order: Psittaciformes FAMÍLIA / Family: Psittacidae NOME POPULAR / Popular name: Arara Militar / Arara Verde NOME EM INGLÊS / English name: Military Macaw NOME...
Photo by Deni Williams on Flickr
liberty eagle baldeagle houston
Liberty is a Southern Bald Eagle who lives at the Houston Zoo. She has lived there since 2000. Bald Eagles usually nest in trees, but Liberty was found on the ground by a Texas Parks and Wildlife officer. He found...
Photo by Joel Olives on Flickr
shot eagle bald
an injured bald eagle was found on the northern end of Chickamauga Lake along the Tennessee River in Hamilton County near Thatch Road Gravel Boat Ramp and just south of Eldridge Slough. An examination by a...
Photo by USFWS/Southeast on Flickr