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mist bird branch fz200
Misty morning bird
I've been slowly learning how my FZ200 likes to perform, the sweet spots and the best set ups for how I like a picture to look. Digital cameras are so wonderfully versatile that you can achieve any number of visual...
Photo by Stewart Black on Flickr
nikon sydney p900 sample coolpix sampleimage paxtons nikoncoolpix camerastore paxtonscameravideodigital camerastoresydney nikoncoolpixp900 coolpixp900
Nikon Coolpix P900 Sample Image
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Photo by Paxtons Camera Video Digital on Flickr
birds spotted flycatcher striata muscicapa
Spotted flycatcher - Muscicapa striata
[] In summer 2014 these little fellows had the nest in our terrace. Later parents died leaving 5 little fluffy orphans. We found one of parents on the ground dead and second...
Photo by Papooga on Flickr