Bird Vine

Bird Vine Compilation

Some of my favorite bird vines~

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You lookin' at me?
Photo by Jimmy_Joe on Flickr
specanimal purplethroatedsunbird nectariniasperata leptocomasperata leptocomasperatabrasiliana purpurkehlnektarvogel grønkronetsolfugl nectarinadevanhasselt souimangadehasselt nettariniadivanhasselt ムネアカタイヨウチョウ purperkeelhoningzuiger taxonomy:common=purplethroatedsunbird taxonomy:binomial=leptocomasperata taxonomy:trinomial=leptocomasperatabrasiliana
Hummer wannabe (Do suggest a more witty title below in "comments")
Hovering action is more associated with hummingbirds. While sunbirds hover it is not often, possibly because the "burn rate" is high. Other feeding actions are more energy saving.. This individual may be...
Photo by Lip Kee on Flickr
Photo by jcnapw on Flickr