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Tom Kupstys | Bird Zero AM

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Fake News at USA Today: Will Trump 'Kill' 'Beloved Big Bird?' - NewsBusters (blog)

USA Today online on Tuesday trumpeted this deceptive headline: “ Could Trump's 2018 budget kill Sesame Street's beloved Big Bird. ” Speaking of efforts by Donald Trump to zero out funding for PBS, Toppo added, “Could the move really kill the beloved yellow bird and his Sesame Street pals. Source:

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  • Fake News at USA Today: Will Trump 'Kill' 'Beloved Big Bird?'

    03/21/17 ,via NewsBusters (blog)

    USA Today journalist Greg Toppo led with scare tactics: “Is Big Bird on the chopping block?” Speaking of efforts by Donald Trump to zero out funding for PBS, Toppo added, “Could the move really kill the beloved yellow bird and his Sesame Street pals?”.

  • Games review: Sublevel Zero Redux

    03/22/17 ,via Newark Advertiser

    It's like a hover-bird floating in mid-air, with zero gravity and enough boosters to move you as quickly as a nimble-footed ninja on steroids, able to adjust your bearings at a moment's notice, and evade incoming projectiles while firing back a few of

  • Wind turbines in the Great Lakes will also cause millions of migrating birds to die

    03/22/17 ,via Canada Free Press

    The World Council for Nature opposes the erection of wind turbines in the Great Lakes, in view of the predictable contamination of their waters by oil leaks, oil spills and cleaning detergents from these machines and their maintenance crews and vessels.

  • And Then They Came for Big Bird: Public Broadcasting Reels From Trump's Plan to Destroy It

    03/17/17 ,via Daily Beast

    Although the $445 million budget item that Trump wishes to zero out is a mere speck of dust in the $4.6 trillion scheme of things—a line item that represents $1.35 out of each citizen's pocket—the cut would likely bring about the dismantling of radio

  • The Trump budget and Big Bird

    03/22/17 ,via Washington Times

    Pearls were crushed into dust over the bird with NPR noting, “Funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting would be cut to zero under the proposal, and the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities would be 


  • Modelling the Flying Bird

    Elsevier. 2008. ISBN: 0080557813,9780080557816. 496 pages.

    This book outlines the principles of flight, of birds in particular. It describes a way of simplifying the mechanics of flight into a practical computer program, which will predict in some detail what any bird, real or hypothetical, can and cannot do. The Flight program, presented on the companion website, generates performance curves for flapping and gliding flight, and simulations of long-distance migration and accounts successfully for the consumption of muscles and other tissues during...

  • Modeling Count Data

    Cambridge University Press. 2014. ISBN: 9781139992299,1139992295.

    This entry-level text offers clear and concise guidelines on how to select, construct, interpret, and evaluate count data. Written for researchers with little or no background in advanced statistics, the book presents treatments of all major models using numerous tables, insets, and detailed modeling suggestions. It begins by demonstrating the fundamentals of modeling count data, including a thorough presentation of the Poisson model. It then works up to an analysis of the problem of...

  • The Thing with Feathers

    Penguin. 2014. ISBN: 9780698152731,0698152735. 304 pages.

    An entertaining and profound look at the lives of birds, illuminating their surprising world—and deep connection with humanity. Birds are highly intelligent animals, yet their intelligence is dramatically different from our own and has been little understood. As we learn more about the secrets of bird life, we are unlocking fascinating insights into memory, relationships, game theory, and the nature of intelligence itself. The Thing with Feathers explores the astonishing homing abilities of...

  • The Journal of Experimental Zoology


    A separate section of the journal, Molecular and developmental evolution, is devoted to experimental approaches to evolution and development.

  • Santa Claus

    iUniverse. 2014. ISBN: 9781491752746,1491752742. 300 pages.

    It has been eight long years since eight-year-old Nicholas Claus was last seen disappearing in a flash with the world’s Christmas spirit stored safely within his very being. Now a strapping teenager, Nicholas struggles to find his way among his new brethren, the Sugar Plum Fairies, until one day a special reindeer and snowman bring Nick a treasured snow globe containing The Christmas Song. This snow globe and song just may be the key to helping Nicholas discover his forgotten past and realize...

lombrico merlo caccia
La caccia del merlo
La triste legge della natura. Il merlo caccia l’innocuo lombrico per potere vivere, il gatto oggi caccia solo per istinto, l’uomo, ieri, oggi e domani uccide solo per cattiveria. Questo non è il mio genere di...
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