Bird Feeder Cam

Gopro Bird feeder cam

The bird feeder in my backyard.

winter snow leaves birds fence flash ivy feeder
Two on the feeder
My kids built this feeder more than a year ago and our winged guests enjoy it. I was behind the window, pressing the cam agains the glass, just 1 meter away, moving as little as possible. May shots, and the birds were...
Photo by CoCreatr on Flickr
Rat on the Run
The small rat or big mouse was in my bird feeder, when I cam out he took off on a run - I tried to get a photo of him running down the pole - all blurry but he can be seen.
Photo by Tobyotter on Flickr
vancouver pigeons birdlady birdeating
Bird Lady watches as the birds dine
the pigeon cam, with their feeder watching directly behind them.
Photo by Yeshe on Flickr