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Gopro Bird feeder cam

The bird feeder in my backyard.

wood red england food house green bird robin animal wooden wings song small feeder suet
I was captivated by a singing bird
I decided to try and get a photo of a bird in our new bird feeder. So after setting up the camera on the tripod with the remote shutter release, I went inside the house to test that it worked from there. As I was...
Photo by sagesolar on Flickr
Learning the ins and outs of my new camera.
Photo by SamDreamrock on Flickr
Canon Powershot SX500 IS X30
This camera can have lens mechanism problems. Make sure your lens is working properly and you don't get "Lens Error Restart Camera" messages...and then the camera turns off automatically. A great...
Photo by VasenkaPhotography on Flickr