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CRDH - Wild Bird Forge™,Clamp-on Regular Deck Feeder Hanger.

Pests: Readers offer tips for squirrel control -

Terri and Frank Hoffert of Southeast Portland finally figured out they couldn't keep the squirrels out of their feeder. "What finally worked for us was an aluminum pipe with a 6-inch diameter and at least 5-foot length from the nearest lumber yard, which we placed around the 1-inch metal pole on which the feeder hangs. Source:

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  • Pests: Readers offer tips for squirrel control

    07/14/12 ,via

    The methods I've used to keep squirrels out of bird feeders ("Outfoxing the squirrel," June 9) pale in comparison to the creative solutions sent in by readers. I try not to play favorites, but childhood "He's placed fishing poles on our decks and

  • Turn your back yard into a bird sanctuary year-round

    02/05/16 ,via Fort Worth Star Telegram

    Found at Calloway's Nursery, the 13-ounce glass Hummingbird Elixer Feeder feeder comes in red — the species favorite color — and features a wide mouth and flat bottom for easy refills and cleaning. $24.99. If you're serious about creating a

  • Blue Ridge Bracket Systems Expands Manufacturing of Its Deck Mounted Brackets in the USA

    11/26/12 ,via PR Web (press release)

    The quickest and easiest deck mounted brackets now made in the USA. Blue Ridge Bracket Systems of Asheville NC, announces that it has expanded its' manufacturing of brackets in the USA. They will continue making their 36” Bird Feeder Hangers in the 

  • Brad Norman: whale shark warrior

    11/09/16 ,via Cosmos

    He's accompanied by a royal retinue: in tight formation there's two long, thin sucker fish beneath his chest, a school of small bright blue fish at his flank, thousands of tiny crustacean hangers-on, and now me. Norman grabs my arm and swims me ahead

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    05/28/15 ,via Bustle

    Warm weather means spending more time in our outside spaces, whether they may be sprawling backyards, teeny tiny patios, or cool rooftops. The smallest yard can be made even more enjoyable with the addition of some pretty outdoor decorations.


  • Outwitting Squirrels

    Chicago Review Press. 2014. ISBN: 9781613749449,1613749449. 240 pages.

    Bird-loving Americans share a common problem: squirrels! These fast, greedy, incredibly crafty, fluffy-tailed rodents pillage birdfeeders before owners’ very eyes. For 25 years, Outwitting Squirrels has been leading the charge to help bird lovers defend their feeders. This classic defense manual for the besieged birder has been fully updated to deal with the more tech-savvy twenty-first-century squirrel. It provides 101 cunning strategies, both serious and hilarious, for outsmarting these...

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    1999. ISBN: 1580171818,9781580171816.
  • Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office

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    2005. ISBN: 0883172909,9780883172902. 396 pages.

    Stoeger's new 400-page Birder's Bible is a comprehensive guide to the exciting field of birding. In the pages of Birder's Bible you'll find fascinating and informative feature articles by respected experts in the field. Birder's Bible is the most thorough, one-stop source of information on birding with up-to-date specifications and current prices for hundreds of items including bird feeders and feeder accessories, bird food products, birdhouses, birdbaths and ponds, and much more. You'll find...

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    Feral House. 2014. ISBN: 9781936239924,1936239922. 320 pages.

    The story of GOP activist David Stein, who was exposed as a notorious Holocaust denier.