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How to Make a Staked Bird Feeder from Dishes - No Drilling!

In this video I'll show you how to make a staked bird feed or bird bath from thrifted plates, bowls and vases.

flower seed 2009365
2009/365/257 Gone to Seed
In my quasi garden experiments of re-use, I brought inside this overdue sun flower head to see what kind of seeds I could harvest from it. Perhaps I should have left it out a bit longer, but was just too curious....
Photo by cogdogblog on Flickr
birdseed seed raccoon bandit mcclure counselman
BB the Birdseed Bandit eating Seeds
I woke up this morning and when I opened the backyard screen door I thought it was a fox back by the bird feeder between the fire pit and pool, because it had a slightly red tail and was kind of brown colored. But...
Photo by Counselman Collection on Flickr
bird hummingbird massachusetts westport
Ruby Throated Hummingbird - Dish Feeder
a break from flying
Photo by Eric Kilby on Flickr