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How to Attract Birds to Your Garden Tutorial

All of the feeders and feed mixes featured in this video can be found on http://www.

Latest News

  • Mystery plants appear under site of former bird feeder

    03/03/17 ,via Sacramento Bee

    Experts tackle readers' garden questions. Q: We had two new volunteer plants growing last summer in an area where we used to have a bird feeder. The first one is a pretty bush, almost 3 feet tall, with tiny yellow flowers and small leaves. The second

  • Gardening for Bird Habitat

    03/23/17 ,via Sonoma County Gazette

    When we think of attracting birds to our garden, we normally think of putting up bird feeders. But it can be more effective year-round, and enjoyable, to design your garden with providing habit for birds in mind. Let's think about what birds need to

  • Clellie Lynch: Across the hills, into cloud forest

    At Selvatura, another cloud forest reserve in the area, the hummingbird garden is a'buzz with birds. Feeders abound among the blossoming begonias, lantana, roses and vervain. There a green violetear lands; zoom a pair of violet sabrewings fly at one 

  • How to pick the right bird feeder and how to keep it stocked | News ...

    02/24/17 ,via News & Observer

    A pair of American Goldfinches (Cardualis tristis) hang upside-down as they feed on thistle seeds from a bird feeder. The feeder is designed to encourage other 

  • Kids get an eyeful at birds event at NC Botanical Garden ...

    03/04/17 ,via Washington Times

    CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (AP) - With a stuffed toy bird in one hand, Elisha Taylor made her way across the room while children and adults alike scrambled to view its 


  • The Ultimate Birdfeeder Handbook

    New Holland Publishers. 2006. ISBN: 1845372514,9781845372514. 128 pages.

    Provides information for anyone wanting to recognize and identify the birds that visit their garden. This book offers visual advice on how to attract birds to your garden, types of food to put out, which bird feeders and nestboxes to go for, and what to do with seemingly 'lost' baby birds. It includes annotated illustrations to aid in recognition.

  • Outwitting Squirrels

    Chicago Review Press. 2014. ISBN: 9781613749449,1613749449. 240 pages.

    Bird-loving Americans share a common problem: squirrels! These fast, greedy, incredibly crafty, fluffy-tailed rodents pillage birdfeeders before owners’ very eyes. For 25 years, Outwitting Squirrels has been leading the charge to help bird lovers defend their feeders. This classic defense manual for the besieged birder has been fully updated to deal with the more tech-savvy twenty-first-century squirrel. It provides 101 cunning strategies, both serious and hilarious, for outsmarting these...

  • Mosaic Garden Projects

    Timber Press. 2015. ISBN: 9781604694871,1604694874. 256 pages.

    Presents detailed, step-by-step instructions for making mosaic garden structures and ornaments, including planters, stepping stones, tabletops, and a pagoda.

  • The Garden Birds of Feathers Territory

    Author House. 2013. ISBN: 9781491879122,1491879122. 90 pages.

    On a lovely autumn day in a quiet neighbourhood village, Feathers Territory is formed after some garden birds discover that seeds and nuts have been set out for them in most of the back gardens. This is a welcoming sight for the birds as they are aware that winter is approaching. The winter is very harsh. The garden birds soon learn they have to survive and occupy themselves in the very cold and snowy weather. Their life is never boring. They make use of all the facilities in the gardens and...

  • Bird Gardens

    Brooklyn Botanic Garden. 1998. ISBN: 1889538086,9781889538082. 111 pages.

    Shows readers how to offer refuge to wild birds threatened with the loss of their habitats by creating backyard gardens

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