Bird Feeder Glass

How to make ● a SQUIRREL PROOF Bird Feeder

It allows birds to enter to get to the bird seed but.

289/365 Meyer-Optik Orestegor 4/300
Hallo ;-) This weekend my 300 mm Orestegor lens arrived , the E-bay seller told me that it had huge marks on theoutside and some dust on the inside , i got it for a very decent price .. and when i got the lense and...
Photo by Maarten Takens on Flickr
house bird canon tube 55250 t2i
Glass Tube Bird House
Bird houses at my mother in law's house. Taken with Canon T2i and 55-250mm lens.
Photo by chawkfan91 on Flickr
bird bluejay
Blue Jay
Wings appear almost as if stained glass.
Photo by patrickhashley on Flickr