Bird Feeder Hanger

Quick Testing Video Comparing Swinging Bird Feeder & Plant Hangers Currently On The Market

This is a shortened version of the longer "In Depth Testing" video that we made comparing the swinging hangers on the market.

recycled birdfeeder coffeecontainer
Recycled Bird Feeder
I made this bird feeder from a coat hanger, a coffee container and to wood skewers. Time will tell if the birds will eat from it, if not I will just toss it in the recycle bin.
Photo by Tobyotter on Flickr
bird fence diy recycled feeder planks
Recycled Bird Feeder
This is Alex's Junk Revolution project for his Gardening class at school. He was tasked to build something out of household materials that would be thrown in the garbage. He used a wire coat hanger, old fence plank,...
Photo by mabecerra on Flickr
Found a use for conference name tag lanyards - bird feeder hanger
Photo by einalem on Flickr