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Bird feeder PVC pole

How I created a squirrel proof bird feeder pole out of PVC pipe and a treated 4x4. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Starring ComedianArtistBen7".

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  • Community Calendar

    03/20/17 ,via Hartselle Enquirer

    Painting Party- Join us at the civic center on the following dates from 6-9 p.m. and create your very own door hanger. The fee is $20 per project. Feb. 16 (Home Plate, State of Alabama, Pot of Gold), Mar. 21 (Bunny Hat, Cross, Bird Feeder), Apr. 20

  • DIGGIN IN | Finding feeders for feathered friends

    12/10/16 ,via Daily Press

    Our favorite was a 10-foot-long 4-by-4 cemented in the ground, and outfitted with a squirrel- and raccoon-deterrent baffle and four 12-inch, vinyl-coated hooks. Caged feeders to fend off squirrels and nuisance birds came from Wild Wings Nature Store in 

  • WildCare Rescues Squirrel Trapped in Birdfeeder

    12/29/16 ,via Huffington Post

    It was too dangerous for Susan to try to remove the squirrel on her own, so she placed a large blanket over the squirrel and the feeder, (covering the squirrel's eyes helps to reduce her stress and struggling), lifted the entire bundle off its

  • Backyard bird baths and feeders: Keep them clean, away from chemicals

    07/02/16 ,via

    To thwart them, Sanchez recommends using baffles, which are half-moons of plastic that go above a feeder. Though some people insist it doesn't work, putting feeders on a pole hanger in the middle of the lawn can stop squirrels from reaching the food.

  • Finding feeders for feathered friends

    01/12/17 ,via The Daily Herald

    Our favorite was a 10-foot-long 4-by-4 cemented in the ground, and outfitted with squirrel- and raccoon-deterrent baffle and four 12-inch, vinyl-coated hooks. Caged feeders fend off squirrels and nuisance birds. This time, we purchased an advanced


  • Best-Ever Backyard Birding Tips

    Rodale. 2008. ISBN: 9781605299259,1605299251. 356 pages.

    A guide to backyard birding that covers seeds, feeders, plants, landscape features, big-eating birds, hosting hummingbirds, bird behavior, and other related topics.

  • The Backyard Bird Feeder's Bible

    Rodale Books. 2000. 368 pages.

    "It happens to the best of us--it's the height of feeder season, the yard is filled with customers, and you realize the birdseed can is empty. I learned my solution at my mother's knee--ransack the kitchen for anything remotely edible! Stale bread, withered fruit, and peanut butter are all fine fill-in-the-gap foods." Pull up a chair next to the window looking out on your bird feeder and join author Sally Roth in an informative, inspirational, and often light-hearted look at the foods,...

  • The Giant Encyclopedia of Theme Activities for Children 2 to 5

    Gryphon House, Inc.. 1993. ISBN: 9780876591666,0876591667. 511 pages.

    This large Encyclopedia resulted from a national preschool teacher competition for favorite, original, classroom-tested, activities.

  • Bird Watcher's Digest

  • My First Bird Book and Bird Feeder

    Workman Publishing. 2017. ISBN: 9780761165996,0761165991. 112 pages.

    Discover over 30 fascinating backyard birds in this full-color illustrated field guide.

bird fence diy recycled feeder planks
Recycled Bird Feeder
This is Alex's Junk Revolution project for his Gardening class at school. He was tasked to build something out of household materials that would be thrown in the garbage. He used a wire coat hanger, old fence plank,...
Photo by mabecerra on Flickr
recycled birdfeeder coffeecontainer
Recycled Bird Feeder
I made this bird feeder from a coat hanger, a coffee container and to wood skewers. Time will tell if the birds will eat from it, if not I will just toss it in the recycle bin.
Photo by Tobyotter on Flickr
Found a use for conference name tag lanyards - bird feeder hanger
Photo by einalem on Flickr