Bird Feeder Hooks

Bird feeder hooks for your deck or dock


  • Yankee Magazine's Panty Hose, Hot Peppers, Tea Bags, and More--For the Garden

    Rodale. 2005. ISBN: 0899093949,9780899093949. 316 pages.

    Where better to recycle, reuse, repurpose, and reinvent than in the garden, where innovation and frugality go hand in hand? Throughout these pages, you'll discover more than 1,000 ideas for using common household items or things you'd normally toss out in unique and unusual ways in your vegetable and flower beds. Why make a special trip to the garden center or home supply store when the solution might be lurking right in your garage, your closet, or your pantry? Using these clever hints,...

  • Best-Ever Backyard Birding Tips

    Rodale. 2008. ISBN: 9781605299259,1605299251. 356 pages.

    A guide to backyard birding that covers seeds, feeders, plants, landscape features, big-eating birds, hosting hummingbirds, bird behavior, and other related topics.

  • The Backyard Bird Feeder's Bible

    Rodale Books. 2000. 368 pages.

    "It happens to the best of us--it's the height of feeder season, the yard is filled with customers, and you realize the birdseed can is empty. I learned my solution at my mother's knee--ransack the kitchen for anything remotely edible! Stale bread, withered fruit, and peanut butter are all fine fill-in-the-gap foods." Pull up a chair next to the window looking out on your bird feeder and join author Sally Roth in an informative, inspirational, and often light-hearted look at the foods,...

  • Big Book of Bird Houses & Bird Feeders

    Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.. 2017. ISBN: 1402713738,9781402713736. 235 pages.

    Big, beautiful, and filled with breathtaking photographs and unique projects, this is one book every bird lover simply must have. It’s got everything, from design considerations to construction basics to a jaw-dropping assortment of feeders, baths, and houses to make. Information on the planning stages explains how to choose the right home for a particular bird, discourage unwanted guests, and mount and site the piece. There’s advice on feeding habits, too, but the main feature is the...

  • The Bird Feeder Book

    Lark Books. 1995. ISBN: 0806902965,9780806902968. 144 pages.

    “Delightful color gallery of bird structures that are truly works of art!”—Country Decorating Ideas. “Complete plans and detailed instructions for building fascinating bird feeders, birdhouses and bird baths [that] range from the practical to the outrageous. In addition, there is advice on feeding, mounting, siting...and preventing predators.”—Women’s Circle.

unitedkingdom goldfinch gb northernireland siskin birdinflight limavady
Runway Three
A male siskin comes in to land We bought an "obelisk" bird feeder - a tall tower with platforms for food and water and hooks to hang feeders . Proving very popular already with siskins, goldfinches, blue...
Photo by john.purvis on Flickr
cute closeup squirrel charming brighteyes bushytail earthenwarepot canoneos450d
Squirrel Beneath Our Feeder - October 2009 - Little Charmer
My little friend had just knocked the birds peanut feeder off it hook and failed to dislodge the top so still could not get to the nuts. I took pity on him and put out a few to cheer him up. I was pleased he was brave...
Photo by Gareth1953 All Right Now on Flickr
snow december 2008
bird feeder
The snow on the roof of the feeder reached all the way up to the hook.
Photo by B.D.'s world on Flickr