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Baltimore oriole and birds that eat grape jelly and oranges

Baltimore Oriole birds eat grape jelly and oranges, but so do some other bird species.

WCROC's Features from the Farm - Morris Sun Tribune

You can double the number of bird species visiting your feeders by providing diversity in food as well as offering different types of feeders. Winter is certainly a prime time for feeding birds since natural foods are less abundant and the cold weather brings resident birds more frequently to the feeder. Source:

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  • WCROC's Features from the Farm

    02/27/17 ,via Morris Sun Tribune

    Winter is certainly a prime time for feeding birds since natural foods are less abundant and the cold weather brings resident birds more frequently to the feeder. However, summer bird Grape jelly will attract orioles, catbirds and robins. Over ripe

  • Calendar of events: March 23, 2017

    NorCal Poultry Association fifth annual Poultry Show: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. March 25 at the Tyler Jelly Building, Tehama District Fair grounds, 650 Antelope Blvd., Red Bluff. Features breeds of chickens and other poultry on Includes special tours of the

  • Column: Preparations for spring bird activity

    03/09/17 ,via Prescott Daily Courier

    As we inch closer to spring, you may be wondering if you need to do anything different with your bird feeding routine. For many of our winter visitors, this is the time In addition to sugar water, they love grape jelly and citrus. Since our year

  • For the birds: It's easy to get started back yard feeding

    02/24/17 ,via Port Huron Times Herald

    "Get your feeders out, get your oranges out, get your grape jelly out," said Fox, naming some of the foods orioles like. "There will be lots of them coming through." Hummingbirds get much the same reaction. "In the summer I will put up hummingbird

  • Winter birds still linger in the area

    03/10/17 ,via Myrtle Beach Sun News

    While most of the winter flock here appears to have started their annual spring treks, a few Baltimore orioles still visit sporadically for a quick bite of grape jelly or a sip of sugar water from a hummingbird feeder. Visits by pine warblers and a


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    1995. 278 pages.

    Although there is an abundance of information that is particularly useful to Minnesota residents, "Wild about birds" provides comprehensive species coverage for most states east of the Rocky Mountains and for provinces of central and eastern Canada. To gather information, Carrol Henderson visited three dozen families, mostly in Minnesota homes, to view their grounds and bird feeding arrangements and to photograph the birds and other wildlife at their feeders.

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Spring Migration - Explore #143 4/8/15
I've been anxiously awaiting the return of the orioles and the first of the spring migrants showed up at the jelly feeder last week; first the Hooded Oriole (above) and a couple of days later the Bullock's Oriole....
Photo by goingslo on Flickr
Just hung our 'Jelly' bird-feeders on the washing line #cbeebies #greenballoonclub
Photo by jimjarmo on Flickr
George & Ellen's 'Jelly off CBeebies' bird feeders (made from hollow grapefruit, cloves, leaves, lard/seed fill)
Photo by jimjarmo on Flickr